Holy Mother of Doctor’s Visits

So Shop Maude posted this meme on their instagram the other day, and I thought to myself, “Holy crap…that is totally what is going on!”  First, I would like to apologize for my 4 1/2 month break from the blog, but again, please read the above.  Second, well, there is really not a second, so let’s carry on!

I know most of you with children, especially the little ones, know that sometimes life is so freaking crazy that you can’t remember the last time you washed your hair! Heck, for anyone life can feel this way at times.  For my little party of four, over the course of the last 4 months, it has been crazy town.  We have been to the doctor for ears (multiple times), the neurologist, to the doc for a UTI (twice), for sleep issues, for fever, for a cold, a pinworm scare, teething and then to put a little cream cheese on the freaking cake, the animal hospital, our vet (a lot) and then an out of state animal surgical center! Yep, I said pinworms, google and enjoy!!  (My OCD has been on overdrive due to that awesomeness!  Ughhh!!!). Now I am not telling you all of this for you to go “poor pitiful us”! This is par for the course and part of having kids and a family!  I am telling you to let you know when you feel so overwhelmed that you don’t know what to do with yourself, you are absolutely NOT alone.  

Believe me, this summer about did me in! I had to remind myself that this is just life, a chapter and together with my 3 peeps, we can get through anything.  We lean on each other, family, friends, and keep moving forward.  Not to mention, while I feel like a psycho during all this crazy, my kids are the ones going through most of this (minus the whole vet stuff), and handling it like champs.  To say kids are resilient is the understatement of the century!  After this summer, I am debating on adding hazmat suits to all of our wardrobes.  But here we are, we survived, and were able to have a laugh or two during!  

Seriously, when life gets crazy, just remember the next chapter is ahead, pray about it, ABSOLUTELY find the humor in the situation, lean on each other and pour yourself a glass of wine! Just breathe!  

Lots of Love,



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