Everyone Deserves a Jennifer!

There are people that come into your life that will last a season, ones that pass through for a purpose and then there are those that are meant for a lifetime. I have been blessed with an incredible group of friends. And I can’t tell you how much I value each and every one of my friendships.

But today, I want to single someone out. Someone, who without fail, for the last 28 plus years has been there for me unconditionally.

She is the friend that would be here for me at the drop of a hat and always has been.

She’s the friend that when your insecurities creep in, she will smack them out of you.

She’s the friend that you never leave feeling judged or stripped down.

She is the friend that celebrates your victories and encourages you during your failures.

She’s the friend that I know always has my best interest at heart.

She’s the friend that will say it to your face because she respects you and passive aggressive is not apart of who she is.

She is the friend that will defend you without hesitation. In fact, she will defend you better than you would defend yourself.

She is the friend I can tell anything too, and she always makes me feel better.

She is the friend that when your child is developing well behind others, she is honest and holds your hand through the process.

She is the friend that suggest, helps and organizes your daughter’s first autism walk. And then helps organize a fundraiser.

She is the friend that says, “you are not bailing on this vacation, I will pick Sloane up from school almost every day that you’re gone” just to ensure you get a break.

She always understands when I have to say no or bail on outings.

She welcomes my new friends as hers without hesitation.

She can make me laugh harder than anyone and knows when I need a good cry!

She is my person!

Jennifer, I couldn’t do life without you. From that first day on the BASS basketball team, I knew we would be friends. Our incredible lack of basketball skills but impeccable smart ass wit bonded us from the beginning! This short blog doesn’t even touch telling you all the things that I value about our friendship. To say you are just my best friend is the understatement of the century. You are my family. You have taught me so much about myself and about true friendship. Thank you for being such an incredible person and friend. Everyone deserves a Jennifer! I hope you know how much you mean to me, and that I will always be here for you! You are the Blanch to my Rose. And I just don’t make sense without you! Happy birthday my bestie! 40 looks fabulous on you!

Heads Carolina, Tails California!

Lots of love,